Today is my first real day at home this summer. No going to school to organize for next year and no being out of town. It’s nice. I don’t think it’s quite sunk in yet that I don’t have to teach for a little over 2 months. Not that I’m complaining! NO WAY. I’m just gonna let it sink in slowly.

In the spirit of something new I have a few things up my sleeve. First of all, did you know that when you are pregnant you gain some extra pounds? I’m ashamed to think that Olivia was only 7 pounds 10 ounces of the total amount that I gained during those 9 months. Add that weight to the weight I’ve gained since I first started teaching (curse the stress and tiredness) and it’s not a pretty sight. Luckily I’ve gotten rid of the baby pounds but I still have a ways to go to get back to my regular self. I’m not going to try to set a crazy goal, but I think 15-20 pounds in 6 months is completely acceptable. 

So starting tomorrow (June 1st) I am making some changes. Trying to curb my sugar cravings, going on walks with Olivia, using our elliptical, and taking evening bike rides to give myself some time just to relax and be me. Also, I really need to get back on the meal planning wagon and stick with it. Time to stock the fridge and pantry with healthy snacks. 

I also made a summer cleaning/organizing list. I won’t bore you with the details but it’s time to whip this house into shape. M has done a GREAT job helping keep things going as we’ve stumbled through these first months as parents, but now that I’m home it’s time to do my part and step it up in the cleaning department. And lucky for me the cleaning fairy must have dropped some of her magical dust on me cause I am raring to go. 

Hopefully I can keep this up.

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say what?

My poor sweet neglected blog. How are you? I’m tired. Ha. Of course I’m tired. I have a four month old baby girl now. Did you hear that little blog? I’m a mama now. I know I briefly mentioned her before but that was so long ago. Life is much different now. My 2nd year of teaching is done and I am loving that I get 2 whole months home with Olivia. 


(This is Olivia Jane. Isn’t she cute as a button? Maybe I’m biased, but I sure think so.)

I have a lot to tell you. It probably sounds pathetic that I am speaking to my blog like a long lost friend. It’s just nice to chat about life, even if it is to a computer screen. 

Right now Liv is in her pack n play “sleeping”. Ever since she learned to roll on to her belly she isn’t quite up to par on her sleeping skills. She thinks its more fun to fuss and cry about being on her belly. So we flip her over on her back and then 2 seconds later she promptly flips back over. Silly baby. Oh wait. Now she just tooted in her sleep. Baby toots are funny. It’s true. They were funnier when they didn’t smell so bad, but oh well. 

So let’s see. What else is new? I’ve been eating way too many s’mores lately. They are dang delicious. This brings me to new news #2. I also have a plan to lose 20 pounds by New Year’s. Totally doable. I just have to lay off the s’mores. Which makes my belly sad. Hmmm. I also noticed the other day how drab our front  yard looks compared to the rest of the neighborhood. We are the youngest people living around here by far so unfortunately we aren’t retired which means we can’t mow our lawn every other day like SOME (okay all) of our neighbors, but I think there is still room for improvement. I think some pretty flowers, some weed killer, and some new mulch are just what the curb appeal doctor ordered. 

So much to say, so little time to type. Until next time.

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flying time

I remember back at the beginning of September telling myself that I could have September and October to relax a bit and enjoy life before it turns into baby central. It seemed like it was going to take forever for time to pass. But holy cow. Now my birthday is in 5 days, which means it’s almost time to get really serious about getting ready for little lady.

When we moved into the new house the colors of the bedrooms were “okay”, but they definitely didn’t suit us. I was planning on painting this summer, but the universe had other plans. So it got put off until things settled down. Luckily, M and I have fabulous family members who helped us out getting all 3 rooms painted over the course of 2 weekends. They look so good!

So now that there are ONLY 87 days until d-date I’m realizing there is so much to do. November has a day trip to KC, a baby shower, Friendsgiving, and the real Thanksgiving. December means getting things all settled at school trying to plan for my long term sub and hopefully having all of little girl’s things set and ready to go by New Years (just in case).

But for the next little bit I plan on just trying to enjoy myself and not wish away the time. M keeps reminding me that we will have her in our arms soon enough and that things will never be the same so to live up this last part of it just being me, M and Sadie. So I’m trying to keep that in mind. Unfortunately I am easily distracted and get overly excited so we’ll see how long that lasts.

In other news, I took the dreaded glucose test this morning. It wasn’t nearly as horrible as I convinced myself it would be. Yes, the drink was gross, and it was hard to swallow, but at least it’s over. Now I just wait until Tuesday to see if I passed. Fingers crossed.

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hey, this exists.

Oops. It’s been forever! Hello. Guess what. I’m having a baby :-) Not to be gross, but I think she was maybe (probably) created right around the time I wrote my last blog post. Well if my calculations are correct. If that’s inappropriate it, then I do apologize. But hey, I’m more than likely the only one who reads this. We are having a little girl. She has a name! But shhhh, don’t ask me what it is because I won’t tell you.

Life is nice. I don’t have firsties anymore…I have thirdlings. They rock. I’m feeling pretty good about this year so far. We’re already almost 9 weeks in and no major incidents. Nothing a pro like myself can’t handle. Ha. Sadie is still a cute puppy. She kept me company during my summer of first trimester sickness and we bonded. Except now she has become a bit lazy, which is totally my fault. Matty is still a keeper. He’s going to be a great dad. And now we wait. Wait for (insert name here). I can’t wait.

Maybe I’ll visit you again soon. Fingers crossed that I don’t forget again!

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I think my pillows have betrayed me. I used to think that my 3 fluffy pillows were all I would ever need. They gave me the most glorious sleep and we had an understanding…that Allyson needs her sleep in order to be patient with the rest of the world.

Unfortunately, the last few weeks my sleep has been less than comfy. I wake up with terrible neck aches and the headache that accompanies these neck aches are brutal. It does make it a little harder to smile each day. So I think a trip to the pillow store is in order. (Do they even have a pillow only store? Doubtful.) I still have 23 and half more school days and I will need my patience bucket to be completely filled to the brim at the start of every day to make it through. Hopefully, my days of happy sleeps are about to return.

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sweet summer

7 more weeks….I can make it 7 more weeks. Especially since it’s going to be an extremely busy 7 weeks.

I think I can, I think I can, I think probably, maybe can….

On a side note. ONLY 7 MORE WEEKS until school is out??? Wowie-wow-wow! (Sorry, my kids are obsessed with Junie B. Jones books and I personally think the way her character talks is hilarious and I’ve found some of her vocabulary has slowly crept into my own as we have been reading the book series). That is completely nuts. That means I’ve almost been married a whole year.


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Sorry little blog. It’s not that I forgot about you (except for the fact that I almost did). It’s that I honestly don’t know how it’s almost the middle of March. Seriously. For some reason the days seems to drag by when they are actually happening, but somehow life is moving along quickly. Want to hear something crazy? I have one more week of school until that glorious thing called Spring Break. And after that? Only EIGHT more weeks (plus 2 days, which I don’t technically count since it will be full of celebrating my firsties departure to 2nd grade) until my first year of teaching is over. WOAH. I remember back in September at how I felt like summer would never come and here is is, teasing me everyday with how close it is.

We had our first and only field trip of the year last week. We went to Crown Uptown and had lunch and watched the play version of the book “If you give a mouse a cookie”. It was quite the experience. My mom came with us since she knows the kids from her time volunteering once a week to have them read to her. My kids absolutely adore my mom. They were so excited that she wanted to come with us. The kids got to enjoy a lunch of macaroni and cheese, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, applesauce, and french fries with a cookie for desert. You would’ve thought we were at the fanciest restaurant in the world with how much they loved that food. When the play began their eyes were glued to the stage. My class is prone to shouting out whatever they think when they think it but I was proud that most of them were able to remember their “play etiquette” and listen quietly. I only had a few over excited firsties that needed some reminders. I was exhausted but I’m glad it was such a good experience.

I also got my first sickness of the year right around Valentine’s Day. I have a kick butt immune system. No joke. Minus the frequent headaches I get, I haven’t been seriously sick in years. I had heard from so many people to expect to be sick a lot in my first year and I was hoping that I wouldn’t be brought down by little kid germs. And I made it 6 months until it happened. M went out of state (to Ohio) with his band on Thursday evening (the 10th). I was feeling pretty crummy with a cough and just general crumminess. When I woke up the next morning it was awful. Not only was I all alone in bed, but I felt like death. I couldn’t move without feeling dizzy. I couldn’t talk without coughing up part of my lungs. I was overly hot but freezing at the same time. But off to school I went. It was a rough day. My kids knew I didnt’ feel well because it was so obvious. I couldn’t get through a lesson without coughing for about 5 minutes straight before I could choke down some water. When I got home I fell asleep and spent most of my Saturday asleep as well. When I talked to M on Saturday night I must have sounded extremely pathetic because when he got off the phone he promptly called my mom and asked her to come stay with me that night. So my dear mama came over at 11:30 and made sure I was okay. On Sunday I slept until the afternoon. I only got up because I had to make a trip to school to get ready for Parent/Teacher conferences.

Monday was rough. Parent/Teacher conferences, on top of being sick, on top of having a Valentines Day Party with sugared up 6 and 7 year olds? Yeah. It was as bad as it sounds. I had a fever of 102 and the nurse wanted to send me home but there was no way I was going to reschedule those conferences. Luckily, M was home by the time I got home late from conferences and he took care of me. I took the next day off and found out I had bronchitis and a sinus infection. Lame. So he gave me a Zpack and back to school I went. While all this was going on my firsties were beyond sick too. I had to send home 4 kids with high fevers the day of Valentine’s and the day I took my sick day the substitute only had 12 kids show up and she send home 3 more with fevers. We were a SICK classroom. The kicker is I had an allergic reaction to the Zpack so I spent the rest of the week sleeping it off in a Benadryl induced coma. What a week! I am super glad its over. (And that I had such a great husband to take care of me during it all).

I’m getting things all thought out and planned for the rest of the year. Along with all we are doing to learn to read and get out math facts down I’m excited to add in some exciting science and social studies themes. I want us to learn about outer space, how plants grow, zoo animals, wants and needs, fairy tales, weather, and map skills. It’s going to be a busy 2 months.

I just realized that I spend the majority of my blog discussing my classroom. Which might be boring to some but I can’t help it. Teaching has overtaken me. It’s most all I think about. I can’t stop. I lay in bed at night planning and thinking and worrying about ways to organize, plan, teach, and how to make it engaging. This first year has been tough, but I feel like I’ve been doing really well dealing with it all. And I know that next year will be better. And better again the year after that.

In regular life news we are still loving our house. M put up some of our wall decorations the other day which made me realize 2 things. First, why did we wait so long do hang stuff up? It looks awesome. Second, this house is so much bigger than our sweet Garland house. And unfortunately things are going to look a little bare until we are able to save up enough to decorate to the grand style plan I have in mind.

Happy (almost) Spring!

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enough is enough

Things are a mess. Literally. My organization skills have been severely lacking lately. Most of it stems from my lack of motivation. It’s so much easier to just dump things in a pile and walk away than it is to put it back in it’s place or create a new spot for it. So the piles have grown and grown…and grown. It’s disgusting really. Plus, it’s freezing out. Which makes me feel apathetic. Lazy and apathetic…what a terrible combination.

On Friday I stayed late at school, which isn’t anything abnormal. I feel like I live in my classroom. But I had finally had enough. I went through a bunch of papers, put things in baggies, hung stuff up, rearranged desks and whatnot. It’s nowhere near being where I want it but at least it’s a start! I still need to organize my closet, and print off-laminate-and cut a bajillion work station activities that I have found through my stealthy blog stalking–but whatevs! At least I got started. And really…a girl has got to have a least some sort of a regular life away from school. So I just need to make small steps to get to my grand plan.

Now I need to focus on the house. I’m really good at starting laundry, but terrible at folding and putting it away. I’m good at finding recipes and cooking, but terrible at cleaning up the mess I created. See the cycle? Seems as though I have a ‘finishing the job problem’. But I have found that some of my best decisions have come from spur of the moment ideas so here’s to kicking some organizational butt!

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it’s here

Weekend? Oh there you are! I have been anxiously awaiting you this week. More so than usual. I started things off right by leaving school before 6:30 this evening. After this fun filled evening of pizza and watching Scrubs with M, I am planning on a luxurious sleep in tomorrow. Then I think I will make some cinnamon rolls and eat them while I catch up on my shows on Hulu…while still laying in bed in my jammies. Then I might take a shower, where I use up all of the hot water and then maybe I’ll take a nap.

What a wonderful life.

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monster cookies

Oh goodness. I am a major blog stalker. Sometimes I come across little gems like the following. I recently found The Frugal Girl which is such a great site if you are attempting to learn how to budget. Granted, she has 4 kids, but the basic principles still apply. I found this cookie recipe in one of her posts and tried it out tonight.

Monster Cookies

At first I was worried about how they would turn out. I have a secret: I’ve never baked cookies from scratch. I’ve always used a mix. So I was super excited to actually feel like a baker and to put my Kitchen Aid mixer to good use. So I whipped up the ingredients and took a look at what I had created. Honestly, the dough looked like a very disturbing shade of baby poo. But with little pops of color with the M&Ms in there. But good thing looks can be deceiving because these cookies are delicious. Give them a try if you are in a sugar mode.

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